Past Projects

Burnt Pine Barn door

I recently bought a house and have slowly been putting little updates here and there. since finishing my guest room I figured I might as well add a door to my bedroom. Measuring the existing door frame made me realize I had a couple of options... Buy a door and cut to size Build whatever… Continue reading Burnt Pine Barn door

Live Edge Oak Photobooth Bench

A friend of mine who converted an old airstream (RoseAndDalephotoco) approached me to build a bench to keep people from falling backwards into her custom backdrops. She gave me creative control to create something that is simple and would be easily removable for her ever changing setup within the airstream. I had a friend who… Continue reading Live Edge Oak Photobooth Bench

Live Edge Cherry Desk

  I found this piece at my local slab supplier and could not resist. It was the perfect shape for a desk with a large crack in it. I picked up a small chunk of maple to make the bow-tie splines with from the same source. This took quite a while to flatten and smooth… Continue reading Live Edge Cherry Desk

Birch Log Wedding Arbor

I always enjoy making things i have never made before. With this wedding arbor i had the chance to create something very simple to match the aesthetic of the orchard that this wedding was taking place in. With the backdrop of endless apple trees and not to take away from the beauty of the couple… Continue reading Birch Log Wedding Arbor

Live Edge Oak Coffee Table

I had an idea to make a coffee table for a few friends who had just bought a house and who were getting married. I made this table from only an oak slab, oak board, epoxy and glue. The top slab is attached to the apron/legs via oak pegs. There were quite a few inconsistencies… Continue reading Live Edge Oak Coffee Table